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Redistribution of Electoral Boundaries

In 2013 the Electoral Districts Commissioners gave notice to alter the electoral districts of New South Wales. On Monday, 16 September 2013 the Commissioners presented the report to the Governor. Proclamation took place on Wednesday, 18 September and announced in the NSW Gazette on Thursday, 19 September 2013.

How does a Redistribution affect me?

The redistribution may have changed the boundaries to your electoral district which may mean your district has changed. You will need to check your enrolment after the new enrolment verification system is released later this year.

What is a Redistribution?

A redistribution is a legal process conducted in a transparent public environment, to even up or re-distribute the number of voters in each electoral district.

When does a Redistribution happen?

In NSW, legislation requires a redistribution to take place after every two State elections.

Why are Redistributions necessary?

Each electoral district should have the same number of electors and movement of voters can make electoral districts uneven.

How is a Redistribution conducted?

A process of consultation with the public and consideration by The Electoral Districts Commissioners to determine the final boundaries.

Who does the Redistribution?

Redistributions are conducted by three Electoral District Commissioners who are appointed by the Governor. The Commissioners must be one of each of the following;

  • A Judge of the Supreme Court (past or current),
  • The Electoral Commissioner,
  • The Surveyor-General.

It must be noted that the 2013 redistribution only comes into effect at the March 2015 State Election. Any state district by-elections that take place prior to the March 2015 State Election will be conducted on the applicable 2004 district boundaries.

Further information about the 2013 Redistribution is available on the 2013 NSW Electoral Boundaries Redistribution website

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