North Sydney Council Elections

It is compulsory for Australian citizens resident in this Council, 18 years of age or older, to enrol and vote for representatives of their Council on Saturday, 8 September 2012.

The penalty for not voting is $55.

There is no absent voting so you must vote at a polling place or pre-poll issuing votes for your local council and ward.

Sydney Town Hall will also be a polling place for this Council. This means that you can vote at Sydney Town Hall on election day.

You will be able to pre-poll vote at Sydney Town Hall from the 31 August, if you are eligible.

Cremorne Ward, Tunks Ward, Victoria Ward, Wollstonecraft Ward

Election of 12 Councillors

Election of Mayor

Referendum Question:

Currently North Sydney Council has four wards and 12 councillors (three per ward), plus the popularly elected mayor, elected for a four year term.

Do you favour a reduction in the number of wards from four to three and the number of councillors from 13 to 10, inclusive of the popularly elected mayor?

If there is majority support for the proposal, the changes will take effect from the 2016 election.

Council profile

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