Political donors

Have you, or are you thinking about, making a political donation to a political party, candidate, group of candidates or other person for the local council elections?

Here are some examples of political donations:

  • money,
  • non-monetary gifts (e.g. sporting memorabilia),
  • providing free or discounted services (e.g. advertising or printing),
  • paying to attend or participate in an election fundraising function or fundraising venture (e.g. raffles tickets, auction items, tickets to a dinner),
  • paying a membership fee or affiliation fee to a political party, and
  • charging no interest or insufficient interest on a loan to a political party, candidate or group of candidates.

More about political donations

There are strict rules about who can make political donations in NSW and you should be aware of the rules before you make a donation.

More information about who can make a donation and unlawful donations

There are new local council election laws about political donations caps which you should know. More information about donations caps.

Did you know that if you make a political donation of $1,000 or more you must disclose that donation to the NSWEC?

More information about disclosing political donations