Assistance when voting at a polling place

If you need help: you can take a friend or relative to help you, or you can ask an election official.

At the polling place you can ask for:

  • A magnifier
  • A Maxi pen
  • Information in English and other languages

You may get more than one ballot paper to complete: Every council area is different.

Always follow the instructions on the ballot paper to make sure your vote is counted!

Help is available – If you make a mistake: Take your ballot paper back to the official and they will give you a new one.

After you have voted: Put your ballot paper in the ballot box on your way out.

There is no 'Absent Voting' at local government elections: You must vote at a polling place inside your local government area or ward.

For more information, phone the NSW Electoral Commission call centre on 1300 135 736.


As with the Returning Officers' offices and pre-poll voting locations, where the relevant Australian standards are completely met the polling place is classified as fully wheelchair accessible; where most of the criteria are met it is classified as assisted wheelchair access.

The level of accessibility of these venues is displayed as follows:

Full wheelchair access

Assisted wheelchair access

On each area map these premises are shown and the details relating to accessibility appear on the screen when a particular venue is selected. In this way electors with a disability are able to make a more informed choice as to which location is best for them.

If however you attend a venue that you are unable to enter, you can ask a friend, family member or party worker to request an election official to assist you to vote outside. If this happens:

  • an election official will bring the ballot papers out to you,
  • you complete the ballot papers and
  • the election official will place them in the ballot box.

The election official assisting you should be in the presence of a scrutineer, another election official or some other person you nominate to ensure that your ballot paper is completed and submitted in accordance with your wishes.

All polling places will have at least 1 accessible voting screen.