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Instructions for voting on Election Day

If you need help: you can take a friend or relative to help you, or you can ask an election official.

There is no 'Absent Voting' at local government elections: You must vote at a polling place inside your local government area or ward.

Voting is compulsory. If you don't vote at the local government election you could receive a fine. The fine for not voting is $55.

For more information, phone the NSW Electoral Commission Call Centre on 1300 135 736.

Instructions for voting at NSW Local Government Elections (PDF 2MB)

Voting at NSW Local Government Elections (PDF 192.62KB)

Elections – There are 3 different elections in Australia (PDF)

Community Education Kit – The Community Education Kit contains a Presentation, Facilitator's Guide and handout.

The presentation has been developed for community groups, education institutes, peak bodies and other organisations to provide information about voting at the NSW Local Government Election.

NSW Local Government Election Presentation (PDF)

Facilitator's Guides

To request a Facilitator's guide and Handouts please contact the NSW Electoral Commission's Community Education team at CommunityEducationOfficer@elections.nsw.gov.au